Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crashing Report on ZutGlazz Wine Glass

ZutGlazz is now available in the US and we've tried the Bordeaux style stemware.

The manufacturer claims the glass is made stronger than typical lead-free crystal, but our rather unscientific testing couldn't prove this one way or the other.

It did feel a tiny bit sacrilegious to intentionally break such a sweet looking vessel, but honestly it was a little fun too.

Before we starting purposefully dropping the delicately balanced crystal glasses onto the deck, we tried a variety of wines in the glasses.

The crystal wine glasses made the consumption of all the wines we tried actually "feel" better. We compared the glasses to a department store glass we had on hand and a very expensive version similar to the test Zut Glazz.

Overall, the difference in the way the glass makes a wine "feel" while bringing out the complex and subtle bouquet was decidedly noticeable by all of us who tried them.

The elegance and sophistication we felt in the two higher end wine glasses was something we all could agree on.

Ron said it reminded him of the difference between a low-end car and a high-end import and how it's not always easy to put into words, but you can just tell the difference by touching, feeling, smelling and tasting. Ron, hope you're not chewing on your car parts anytime soon.

The color of the wines we tried showed through more clearly in the ZutGlazz line, but the weight of the more expensive wine glasses was about 20% less.

Although this made the higher end famous ones feel even more elegant, it also reminded us about how fragile glass by nature really is.

At $ 64 we didn't want to experiment with breaking the more expensive glass, but we felt the ZutGlazz line was an excellent competitor for the price, at about 1/2 to 1/3rd the price.

And, if - or when - one get's broken it won't upset us as much.

Maybe the buddhist philosophy applies best here, it's theory..." the glass is neither half-full nor half-empty, but already broken..."

So, take time now to enjoy life, open that bottle of wine, share moments with friends and loved ones and try to live in the moment.